All they have are there spirited tears,
Many died still asking why am i here?
I keep in my diary an entirety of my days without pause,
If there’s no place to lay blame then was it all for no cause?
If I’m innocent of the commandments, then i must be found not guilty of your religious bylaws,
Gideon take the men who lap the water up like dogs!
They’ll always be those who only see the rainbow and those who only see the fog?
Their’s the friend that betrays you and the friend that pulls his sword,
The house nigger that ignores what troubles his eyes and the Nat Turner who’s compelled to get involved?
Some want to die but life is holding them prisoner, in the cell of their own mind demons were their only visitors!
My first love was loneliness i still remember her!
I divorced my yesterday now me an my tomorrow are free to date,
A dead poet killed by society today is our resurrection day!

Published by brokenbyfeathers

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