What if?

I’m a desire lusting for liars, manipulating our ways through life trying to escape the fire.
Yelling you watched me yesterday now look at me today,
Free but still the descendants of slaves?
I’ve enjoyed short Goodbyes and long hellos,
I’ve been told yes when i deserved to hear no!
I saw happy dreams blossom in places where only nightmares should grow?
God quenched my thirst in deserts where water had never flowed!
Time will tell but what if it lies,
I told myself i couldn’t do it, when my heart spoke, but what if we tried?
What if we could live an nobody died,
Imagine a world where we didn’t cry?
This almost gave me hope even my frown started to smile,
I gave over my authority to my passion an my life came alive.
On the day i was born i told them all I’ve only come here to die!
I wrote a dear John letter to hate,
This relationship lacks love and it’s time we dissipate and it’s obvious that we can no longer relate!

Published by brokenbyfeathers

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