Kissing frogs!

My vision was blurred by the world i couldn’t focus,
Every time they inhale they exhale hopelessness,
We worship the dead while forgetting the living,
If God held grudges none of us would be forgiven?
I wanna leave more than a legacy of pain to my children,
Another tower of Babbel is what they’re building.
What if God answered all your enemies prayers for vengeance?
Talking to slaves with no ambition to be free is irrelevant, grasping at society we all wanna feel relevant!
Alive in dead at the same time,
Me and the old me share the same body but not the same mind.
If this is a gift then why isn’t it giving?
Trouble is the only thing i seem to hit with precision,
If they don’t feel like they’re alive it doesn’t matter if you tell them keep living?
I’m throwing a life saver to those drowning in sorrow, while some are unappreciative of today their fear is the sunshine of a lonely tomorrow!

Published by brokenbyfeathers

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