Walking away

Life is too precious to be left in a message,
Or to be described in a eulogy in a few emotional seconds,
The Rambling on in my soul,
Gods grace muted my constant transgressions.
I can’t proclaim that I’m free without the devils objections!
If I live to see another day,
I pray it’s better than all my other days?
Open my eyes to see the truth in their lies,
Why is it soo many choose to be enemies of the innocent,
They desire forgiveness yet they refuse to repent.
The difference is your daddy came in lust and i was sent,
I understand the power in our words that’s why i changed my name to Magnificent!
I come from the first Heaven with no fear of the second death,
Looking for a prophecy in my eyes they witnessed the evidence.
All i could see was the future but they wanted to reminisce,
Able approached with peaceful arms, while Cain was balling up his fist?

Published by brokenbyfeathers

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