My truth hurts!

I had a conversation with the sun it apologized for not shining on my dark days,
I apologize to those I attacked when i couldn’t control my doggish ways!
I pray I’m making sense,
We’ve been free since we were currency and we’re still making cents,
I can imagine their faces in the moonlight when they saw Harriet at the fence!
Like a child that hears but doesn’t listen,
The present ignores history,
Reaching for a future that holds more pain than mystery?
All i have left now is the hope that the grave will soon cradle me in it’s cold arms like it’s baby!
My needs seem small in comparison,
Blood in His sweat as He Faced death they slept?
Conceded that poverty is all they were allowed to have,
Passed down years of mental defeat,
Taught to turn the other cheek and manipulated into believing that retreat is being meek?
So every time i raise my voice massa crouches in fear, while those i protest for turn to attack me and tell me why do i bring trouble here?

Published by brokenbyfeathers

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