Imagine living in a world where God never answers?
Imagine being conceived in Faith an dying from the fate of your parents?
Too many wounds to heal,
I can't stop now i have time to kill!
It's judgement day an satan has scales for sale,
I wanna know how it feels to feel?
Bored with people talking about tomorrow when today hasn't fully been revealed?
Cain are you Able to kill?
Let His Blood speak while his murderer beg for a life of peace!
Our definition of prayer suggest that God must be sleep?
Is He a human Father that needs to be told that you need food to eat?
I'll leave you to ponder that this eulogy is about me!
Spiritually emancipated but not all slaves went free, not all Days see the light and not all darkness is formed in the night?
An eye for an eye now we're all blind,
Throwing stones at the pulpit yelling at the preacher to stop lying!

Published by brokenbyfeathers

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