Sometimes they die without anyone grieving?
Sometimes I’m cut without bleeding?
Sometimes i look without seeing?
Most times I’m praying without kneeling?
Because I’m standing before a giant and my attention is needed!
Sometimes I’m gone without leaving?
Sometimes I’m more faithful when I’m not believing?
Sometimes i drown when I’m breathing?
Sometimes they want compassion an not preaching?
Sometimes God reaches you before you’ve hardened your heart to someone teaching you?
Sometimes all i want is your eyes to talk to your ears and deliver a message to your soul that your brain refuses to hear?
Sometimes I’m down because i haven’t recognized how high I’m already up?
Sometimes i don’t give a fuck!
Sometimes i thank God I’m not Jesus because i would’ve given up?
I give up now and I’m not faced with death!
Nobodies chanting crucify him an give us Barabbas!
I haven’t been handed over to religious savages so they they can satisfy their unholy ritualistic habits!

Published by brokenbyfeathers

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