Emotionally hopeless my fate had no faith to maintain, I put the gun in my mouth an told it to say my name!Sadness dressed in a smile i was a crossdresser, hurt by what i saw i think I’ll look lesser?Because i caused them pain, i know in the presence of God they’ve mentioned my name?Lord take your blood from his veins,Make him wander outside of his promise land,May joy never take his hands!I except the bitterness of this man,Even though we blame God most of our decisions had nothing to do with His plan!Are you a believer or just a fan?Do we really know Jesus or just trying to get in by using His name?God told me the devil had his shot but he missed it,Now my destiny is on his revenge list.He said my gift is to speak but my curse is to keep silent?Why does peace know violence?Death by a thousand griefs, he’s not dead he’s sleep!Life is the only game that the rewards you can’t keep?

Published by brokenbyfeathers

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