They tell me that this is life but only death lives in this place,
Why is it that soo many feel alone in such a crowded little space?
i Cross my heart an daily hope i die,
If i ever offer you the truth but hand you a lie,
They watch us praying in pain and that’s all they offer is their eyes?
All He wanted was for them to suffer with Him a little while?
My phone never rings,
I’m a Troubled man is the song playing in the background, stumbling over my own steps i found myself back down?
What i need i never receive right now!
Noisy silence hurting my ears, frowning because losing my smile is all i fear?
Back to watching days pass me bye,
Screaming help like a man that needs to be rescued,
Look in the mirror an you’ll see the only person that test you?
Made myself a Alien they said needed to be alone so i gave them space,
Maybe i made love to easy so i left an gave them something to chase?
But i get bored easy,
So when they finally caught me i was nolonger looking for love to need me?

Published by brokenbyfeathers

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